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Staf's AROS tries

Here you can find some comments on the development I'm doing for the AROS operating system together with some ideas of how the future of AROS can look like.

Current or future development topics/planning

The current and future topics and development efforts.
1. i386 ABI V1 changes
Changes currently in the ABI_V1 branches (trunk/branches/ABI_V1):
Ongoing changes in the branches:
 to be done (discussion has to happen and actions to be defined and assigned):2. SDK compatibility with vbcc and maybe SAS/C
3. Bugs hunting
4. Resource tracking
I would like to propose a new way of resource tracking. It should be based on two principles:
  1. Programs that wants to use resource tracking have to open exec.library expicitly and not use the pointer that it originally got from the system. All actions from then on will be tracked by exec. If exec.library is closed again it will roll back all cleanup actions that have not been performed yet: closing opened libraries, freeing non-freed memory, ...
  2. Each of the libraries have to do their own tracking of resources and perform the right clean up actions when they are closed by the program or during the clean up by exec.
5. ...